Charismatic Bishops Kicked against legislation of churches


The Ghana Charismatic Bishops Conference has kicked against a call to legislate churches in the country.

We, the Ghana Charismatic Bishops Conference, will like to state that we do not support any idea of legislating or controlling beliefs, faiths or religious beliefs of our citizens,” a communique issued in Accra and signed by its General Secretary, Rev. Kwasi Deh, stated.

It said “the government cannot legislate to regulate a person’s Christian belief.

 It would be a glaring bias against the Christian faith and Christian churches, for pastors, prophets or churches to be picked out for any such legislation.

“All who propose such things must know that it would only be logical that such proposals should immediately include legislating how all other faiths in the country must be practised.

This legislation would logically extend to include how Muslims, traditional healers, fetish priests and any other faiths are practised in the country,” the communique continued.

According to the Charismatic Bishops Conference, Ghanaians should be allowed and encouraged to use their good judgement when they patronise churches and prophets.


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