First date red flags you should not take for granted


First date is basically about two people meeting each other for the first time, where they interact, ask questions about each other and know if they can be in a relationship.
These relationships start by being friends for a short period of time that can lead to long-term sexual relationship.

First dates can make you nervous at times, but they can also be the perfect opportunity to find the right one.
But while you are doing that you need to pay attention to details.

Here are some red flags to avoid on a first date;

1. Lateness: Don’t show up late on your first date. Punctuality is important when it comes to meeting someone especially for the first time. Showing up late sends a bad signal is either you cannot manage your time properly or you are inconsiderate.

2. Talks about their ex: The first date is not the appropriate time to discuss your ex unless the other person asks of your past relationship. Even if they ask, don’t share too much be brief. If the other person keeps talking about their ex, it clearly shows they are not over the break up. Give them time to heal properly.

3. Demonstrate poor listening skills: When your date has divided attention, constantly checking their phones, picking phone calls, chatting on social media, looking around they are probably not into you. Unless they give you a good reason for their behavior.

4. Has no career goal or future plans: It is important for everyone to define their career goals clearly. It helps to come up with effective action plans. If your date does not have any career goals or future plans, then you should think twice.

5. Dress shabbily: Please pay attention how he or she is dressed. Appearances really count. If your date shows up looking shabbily, that might be a cause for alarm.

6. They are rude to the waiter: First impressions always count so if your date is rude on the first date then am wondering what’s coming up next. Because is first time and we are all supposed to be of best behavior. Of course everyone has their bad days but that is not a guarantee to be rude towards others in public.


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