FOKNBOIS music represents everything African – Nigerian rapper, MI

Nigerian rapper, M.I

Nigerian hip hop artist and record producer Jude Abaga, professionally known as M.I Abaga has a compelling revelation about FOKNBOIS, a musical duo from Ghana.

The one time BET nominee, Best Hip Hop and Best New Act at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards made a tweet on May 12, the day globally set aside to celebrate mothers that sets FOKN BOIS apart from many of their colleague musicians coming from Africa.

M.I is quoted as saying, “If the world was ending.. and we had to pick one group or artist to represent everything African music was, is and will become… I would vote for the legendary @FOKNBOIS” in his tweet that only did not describe the duo as legends but a representation of what an African musician is and should be.

FOKN BOIS, a Ghanaian pop/hip life controversial music group that comprises of M3NSA; a renowned Ghanaian singer, producer and songwriter, and Wanlov the Kubolor; the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy Prince of Pidgen Rap’. These two are known for their Afrocentric beats and fusion of multilingualism in their lyrics which only does not entertain but touches on societal issues which range from corruption in politics, protection of the environment, ethnocentrism, etc.

M3nsah and Kuborlor known together as FOKNBOIS

The FOKNBOIS Produced their First Pidgen Musical Film in the World, called Coz Ov Moni in 2010, directed by independent Ghanaian filmmaker, King Luu.

The duo released a song recently titled “Wo Nim Mi” that featured Medikal. This song has more than 16K views on YouTube since its release.

FOKN BOIS might not be the favourite to many Ghanaians, but this comes without a doubt that M.I’s tweet highlights how much influence they have on their fans and a personality like the chocolate city boss.



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