J.Derobie will put Ghana on the map- Jayso

J.Derobie will put Ghana on the map- Jayso
J.Derobie will put Ghana on the map- Jayso

Since young artiste J.Derobie’s emergence on the showbiz scene, many industry players have complained about his appearance.

They claim his personality does not reflect stardom despite his great work with ‘Poverty’ which shot him into the limelight.

In an interview, the songwriter and rapper, Jayso said J.Derobie does not need a superstar image to sell his music; “listening to him is all it takes. Just listen to the boy.”

According to him, the ‘Irie’ hitmaker’s “mind-blowing” talent to entertain would not be stalled because he needs to “look good”.

Akon’s Konvict to sign J Derobie says Bola Ray

“His looks and image can be fixed. That’s even if they need to be fixed but watch out for him,” he added. “He will surely make it up to Ghanaians.”

J.Derobie (left) and Jayso (right) have a song together titled ‘Gwan’.

Asked what he made of suggestion Konvict Muzic has interest in singing J’derobie, Jayso said, “he deserves it all, that guy is really going to put Ghana on the map.”

Jayso is currently promoting his 0106 album which has over 10 tracks. The album features talents like J’derobie, Pappy Kojo, Cina Soul amongst others.


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