Katy Perry copied Dark Horse from Christian rap song- US court

Katy Perry copied Dark Horse from Christian rap song, court rules

Katy Perry copied her 2013 song Dark Horse from a Christian rap song, a US court has ruled.

Katy gave evidence in the week-long trial, denying she had ever heard the 2009 song Joyful Noise by Flame before recording her track.

She even offered to perform Dark Horse for the courtroom when her lawyers were unable to play the song for jurors because of a broken speaker system.

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But despite the joke, the jury ruled against Katy on Monday.

During the trial, Katy’s team described the beat of both songs as “commonplace”, arguing that because of that, Flame (real name Marcus Tyrone Gray) could not claim copyright.

“They’re trying to own basic building blocks of music, the alphabet of music that should be available to everyone,” said Katy’s lawyer Christine Lepera during her closing arguments in court last week.

But lawyers representing Flame claimed that Katy and her team had “copied an important part” of his song, at the conclusion of legal proceedings that started in 2014.

“They’re trying to shove Mr Gray into some gospel music alleyway that no one ever visits,” said Gray’s lawyer Michael A. Kahn.

He also mentioned the fact that Katy started her career as a Christian artist.

Despite the trial focusing on the production of the song – it was produced by Dr Luke, Max Martin and Cirkut – the court found that the six songwriters of Dark Horse were also liable.

This includes Katy Perry, and rapper Juicy J, who contributed a verse to the song.


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