Kevin Hart walking again but in ‘excruciating pain’ after crash

Kevin Hart walking again but in ‘excruciating pain’ after crash

Kevin Hart is able to walk again a week after his terrifying car smash — but is still in “excruciating pain,” according to reports.

The 40-year-old actor reportedly fractured his spine in three places in the LA crash early last Sunday and faces weeks of extensive rehab.

Photos: Kevin Hart suffers ‘major back injuries’ in car crash

“He’s already walking. He’s good,” close friend Tiffany Haddish told Entertainment Tonight.

However, sources stressed to TMZ that the star is “still in excruciating pain” despite the positive mood he tries to radiate to friends. The sources also stressed that while he is on his feet he is “walking slowly and gingerly.”

Another source said that Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, is not yet ready to talk about the accident and his road to recovery.

“They … don’t want people to worry, so Eniko has put on a strong face and is saying he is doing well, but it’s very serious. He has suffered a great deal and has a long road ahead,” the source told ET.

“Kevin’s spinal injuries are very serious, he sustained several fractures and had no choice but to have surgery as soon as possible.

“Since the surgery, he has been heavily sedated. The physicians are doing everything they can to keep him out of pain.”

Hart’s friend Jared Black, 28, had been driving the electric blue 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which Hart named Menace and had bought for himself as a birthday present in July.

It swerved off Mulholland Highway in Malibu Hills, crashing through a wooden fence and falling into a gully around 1 a.m. last Sunday. The roof of the car was crushed from the impact.

Kevin Hart’s car was missing important safety features, experts say

Kevin Hart‘s car lacked important safety features which could have prevented many of the injuries he suffered in a car accident earlier this week, experts tell TMZ.

The souped-up 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Hart was riding in did not have a five-point harness and a roll cage. The features are critically important for cars — like Hart’s — which also have a 720 horsepower engine.

Still, the comedian was lucky to be alive this week, after the Sept. 1 accident on Mulholland Highway left him with three spinal fractures.

He has since undergone back surgery and will require physical therapy to make a full recovery.


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