Kim Kardashian back at White House to talk criminal justice

Kim Kadashian speaking at the White House, alongside President Trump

Kim Kardashian West, an American reality star joined President Trump at the White House for an event on criminal justice reform.

Mrs. West was welcomed by President Donald J. Trump to speak at the second chance hiring and re-entry event.

Taking the stage at the East Room, Kim Kardashian announced a ride-share partnership where ex-prisoners are given gift cards so that they can travel to and from interviews.

“Everyone wants the community to be safe, and the more opportunity we have and that they have and the support that we help give them, the safer everyone will be,” she said.
Kardashian West has been to the White House several times to discuss criminal justice reform issues.

She has successfully lobbied Mr Trump to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving life without parole for drug offences.


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