Meet the innovative artist influencing street art in Ghana

Meet the innovative artist influencing street art in Ghana
Nicholas Tettey Wayo

A Ghanaian Artist,  Nicholas Tettey Wayo, popularly known as Nico Wayo is dominating the streets of Accra with his beautiful murals. He is known for creating incredibly captivating paintings, portraits, billboards, fine art, Wall and car Branding, Murals and Graphics, Backdrops and signage and digital sign. Nico Wayo started painting in 1995 and the amazing thing is he did not go to school to learn art but self-taught and through practice, he is now a master of street art.

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He was captured painting a section of the Ako Adjei Interchange (Sankara Interchange) in Accra on Wednesday, February 12. GBC’s Seli Baisie reports that Nico Wayo has helped trained young ones in Ghana and set out to redefine and change the narrative of street art in Ghana.

Watch his interview below;

Story filed by Seli Baisie, Essel Oppong and Caleb Teye.


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