Police confirms Chris Attoh’ wife was married to 2 men


Reports from NBC news suggest that ,Bettie Jenifer who was gunned down while leaving her office on Friday was married to two different men simultaneously, one of whom is a convicted Baltimore drug lord, police said Sunday.

Kedrick Jenifer, Bettie Jenifer’s first husband.

Bettie Jenifer, according to the report left the office in the 6300 block of Ivy Lane and was walking to her car when a man armed with a handgun approached her.

When she tried to run away, the man followed her and fired multiple shots at her, with at least one shot hitting her.

The suspect took off in a vehicle. Police described the suspect as black and having a thin build with black hair.

He was seen in dark clothing and may have been in a blue car.

Police confirmed on Saturday that Jenifer was married to Chris Attoh, a popular Ghanaian actor and TV host.

Chris Attoh and Bettie Jenifer married at a ceremony in Accra, October 2018. This was shortly after divorcing his first wife, Nigerian actor DamiloIa Adegbite, with whom he has a son.

The Greenbelt police confirmed the shooting was targeted and not random.

Police have not named the suspect involved in the case yet.


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