Quick tips to reduce bloating


Bloating occurs when your stomach feels swollen after eating. It is mostly caused by excess gas production.

Bloating causes discomfort and pain.

The quickest way to tackle bloating is to determine its causes.

Bloating can be caused by digestive issues, diet, and hormonal changes.

Here are some quick tips to get rid of bloating

1. Avoid fizzy drinks: Fizzy drinks contain gas that can build up in the stomach leading to bloating. Replace soda with water. Drinking more water helps prevent constipation which can lead to bloating.

Fizzy drinks

2. Eat foods high in fiber: Increase your fiber intake. Eating foods that are high in fiber helps to prevent constipation and bloating.

Fiber-enriched foods

3. Try gas relief capsules: You can visit the pharmacy to get anti-gas capsules. These anti-gas medications help to move excess air out of the digestive tract. Don’t forget to read the instruction on the label and make sure is recommended by a doctor.

Pills and capsules in a medical vial

4. Take a warm glass of lemon water: A warm glass of lemon water can help ease bloating and discomfort. Lemons have a gentle laxative and diuretic effect that aids in digestion. Lemon water also helps reduce salt and water retention in the body.


5. Cut down salt: Cut down your salt intake. Excess salt causes retention of water in the body that makes you feel bloated.

6. Eat at regular intervals: Most people experience bloating right after a big meal. Therefore eat in smaller portions and avoid swallowing food quickly.

7. Avoid chewing gum: The sugar and additives in gum can cause bloating in some people. Swallowing air while chewing may also cause bloating and gas pain.

Chewing gum

We all experience bloating at one point in our lifetime. However simple lifestyle changes can prevent it from occurring or reoccurring.


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