Tips to make your cell phone last longer


A cell phone is a telecommunication device. It makes communication easier and helps us stay connected with family and friends.

1. Get a good phone case: The best way to make your phone last longer is to get a phone case. A good phone case provides ample protection. It’s also important to make sure the case is designed specifically for your type of phone to ensure it fits perfectly. A case with a screen protector is a must because screens are fragile and can crack easily. Other features to look out for when buying a good phone case is the quality, comfortable grip design, sleek and simple.

Phone cases

2. Protect the battery: Charging your phones constantly can decrease the life span of your phone. Therefore one good tip is to let your battery get to 1% before charging it.

Charging the phone for too long also damages the battery, so make sure you take it off the charger when its 100 %.

3. Keep your phone at the right temperature: Your phone can damage easily when is too hot or too cold therefore keep the phone at room temperature. When the phone becomes too hot it affects its functionality. Avoid leaving it out in direct sunlight because it can easily become overheated. Extreme heat can damage the battery and cause the processor to fry.

4. Avoid leaving your phone in your vehicle when it’s hot or it’s very cold.

5. Clean your phone regularly: When you don’t clean your cell phone regularly, the ports are clogged with dirt and debris, which may lead to malfunction.

6. Delete files you don’t need: Your phone can run more slowly, and apps start crashing and refuse to update. And also close all taps on your phone.

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Handle your cell phone with care, get a good phone case, clean properly and avoid wet places. Phones are expensive and I’m sure you don’t want to waste extra cash in getting new ones.


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