Today marks National Orgasm Day

Today marks National Orgasm Day

YES today is National Orgasm Day I’m sure you are surprised as me.

The day set aside to celebrates sexual climax, typically celebrated on July 31.

It is also celebrated in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and United States.

In honor of National Orgasm Day, held annually on July 31, I’m here to share with you some facts about orgasms.

Here are some six facts about orgasms you didn’t know

  1. Not all orgasm are sexual
  2. Women orgasm in their sleep, too
  3. Aristotle was the first person to mention female ejaculation in written form
  4. The area of the brain that is stimulated when a man orgasm is the same area as when an addict does heroin.
  5. Stimulation of the cervix can trigger orgasms.
  6. Women who learn about orgasm are more likely to have them

To conclude, orgasm process can differ greatly between individuals. Therefore you need to take your time to study your body, research and explore to get maximum pleasure.


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