Unique ways to surprise your mom this Mother’s day

Photo credit: parentafrica.com

For many reasons, mothers have booked a special place in society that makes them worth celebrating everyday. The world recognising the efforts and sacrifices of women and especially mothers came up with ‘mother’s day’.

Mother’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate mothers, where mothers are honoured by their children annually. A good woman is celebrated on this day, whether biological or not.

I know you want to celebrate your mom the right way but struggling. Well, I am here to assist you this year and hopefully the next as well. These are some of the best Mother’s day surprise ideas for you.

  1. Gifting her: Surprise your mom with a unique or expensive gift depending on your budget.

Here are some gifts ideas;

  • Customized jewelry
  • Toiletries(soap,shower gel,hand cream)
  • Anti-aging cream
  • Custom made Mug
  • African wax prints and Kente cloth

2. Take her out on a fancy meal or show: Surprise your mom by taking her out to eat. You need to plan ahead of time, book reservations at a restaurant, request uber for you and your mom if you don’t have a car.

3. Organize a spa package or treat: Surprise your mom by taking her to a spa where she can get pampered professionally.
If you want to keep things simple and cheap, you have a lot of options you can pick from. If your mom loves getting her hair and nails done, then take her to the beauty salon for a special treatment.

4. Cook her favourite meal: You can make your mom feel special by cooking her favourite dish and inviting family and friends to join the celebration.

Local Ghanaian dish “ampesi”

5. Give her a cruise or weekend getaway: If you can afford a weekend getaway why not surprise her by booking a luxury hotel where she can have a quiet time, relax and reflect on life. You can join her to make it more fun.

At the end of it all, a mother’s love cannot be defined and it is rather unfortunate we get only one day in a year to celebrate our mothers for the great things they’ve done for us.

Being a mother is a lifetime job. Right from the moment, we’re born, till now, they still love and care for us.  So take this special day as an opportunity to make her feel loved and special as always even though there are some bad days once in a while.



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