US rapper Ludacris granted Gabon citizenship

Ludacris and his wife

Fans of the US rapper Ludacris have reacted with awe and envy after he announced that he has been granted Gabonese citizenship.

One fan admired the rapper for his timing – as following the death of Iran’s top military commander, there’s a lot of speculation on Twitter about what might happen next.

Ludacris has shared his excitement on Instagram after being granted citizenship in his wife’s native country Gabon.

He said on Instagram: “Starting My New Year off with Dual Citizenship! AFRICA IM OFFICIAL!! Momma & Kids Too. The Best Gift of the Decade”:

Ludacris shared a video of himself with a government official shortly after being given his passport.

The rapper’s wife, Eudoxie, is Gabonese. Their daughter and two other children from the rapper’s previous relationships were also granted citizenship.

Ludacris was in Gabon after attending the Year of Return events in Ghana. The president of Ghana had declared 2019 The Year of Return, for events marking 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in America. It was aimed at encouraging people of African descent to visit and even settle in Ghana.

Ludacris’ dual citizenship comes just weeks after British film star Idris Elba was granted Sierra Leone citizenship on his first ever visit to the country.

Elba was born in London to a father who grew up in Sierra Leone and a Ghanaian mother.


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