Watch: Becca tears as she opens up on mum saga


Afrobeats singer Becca was in tears after she was asked about her relationship with her mother is, on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

The singer’s family matters have been opened to the public after her mum accused her husband, Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni, of creating a space between them in an interview.

She again said among other things that Dr Tobi married Becca for money and not for love as fans think.

Shortly after rumours surfaced, Becca’s husband called the singer’s mother a witch, a statement the singer’s father has come out to deny.

Social media was split into two with people not only taking on sides but sending offensive words and messages to whichever party they believed was in the wrong.

Addressing the issue while in tears, Becca admitted it is a downside that comes with being in the limelight.

She stated that the news hit her unexpectedly but she will settle it with her mum amicably.

“I love my mum so much, I would like everybody to respect her. This is a family matter and will be discussed at home,” she told Andy Dosty host of the show.

Becca refused to answer any question relating to the controversies making the round on social media but apologised to her mother and pleaded with the public to cease further comments on it.

“My mum is someone I will not sit here and criticise,” the ‘Na Wash’ hitmaker added.

She stated contrary to popular opinion, her relationship with her mum is cordial.

Becca, however, admitted she has not had the chance to talk to her mother yet.

Watch the interview below:


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