‘We need National Gallery not Cathedral’- Artist

'We need National Gallery not Cathedral'- Artist
Nicholas Tettey Wayo

A Ghanaian artist, Nicholas Tettey Wayo, popularly known as Nico Wayo, has called on the government to support artists in Ghana.

Walls along principal and ceremonial streets in Accra are being designed with artistic beautification as part of the government’s effort to make Accra the cleanest city.

But in an interview with SELIBAISIE.COM when painting a section of the Ako Adjei Interchange in Accra, Nicholas Wayo, known for creating incredibly captivating paintings, portraits, billboards, fine art, wall and car branding, murals and graphics, backdrops and signage, digital signs, stated: “I want the government to push upcoming artists because a nation can never develop without art.”

“And one more important thing is we need a National Gallery not a Cathedral so artists could exhibit, sell their works. This is art, music is also art, fashion is an art but people respect musicians than artists.”

“I want the government to change the curriculum in schools. Art should be studied in schools. People go to schools nowadays, complete and they are roaming around looking for job instead of being creative. This is because they were not taught how to be creative, so they can’t create their own jobs.’’

He observed that some musicians use their artworks without crediting them and urged them to desist from that.

Nicholas Wayo has worked with renowned musicians including Kojo Antwi, Obrafour, and many others.

He also works with movie and advertising agencies. He also works on backdrops of stages for live performances for great musicians.

In 2009, he was part of 40 sign painters who were commissioned by Nubuke Foundation to paint portraits of most influential leaders that played key roles in the development of Ghana.

He has also worked in Benin, Togo and other countries.

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Below are some pictures of his paintings.

Renowned artist Nicholas Tettey Wayo, seen in this photo, interacting with GBC’s Seli Baisie.
'We need National Gallery not Cathedral'- Artist
Seli Baisie (L) Nicholas Tettey Wayo (R)
Mural by Nicholas Tettey Wayo.


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