World emoji day: Facts about emoji that will shock you!!


Emojis are ideograms and smileys used in electronic communication.

How did the name emoji come about? Emoji comes from the Japanese word “e” (which means picture) and “moji” (meaning character).

Do you know there is a day set aside to celebrate emojis? Well, I’m sure you don’t know.

Below are some interesting facts about emojis you didn’t know;

  1. Emoji comes from emoticons, facial expressions, common objects, places and types of weather, and animals etc.

2. July 17 is a date set aside to celebrate World Emoji day.

3. Emojis were first used on digital messaging boards to help people to clarify the tone of a message.

4. The founder of emoji is a Japanese called Shigetaka Kurita.

9 facts about emoji that will shock you!!
                                                                                                           Shigetaka Kurita is the inventor of emoji

5. Emoji was officially invented in the 1990s.

6. The founder of emoji, Kurita got his inspiration from the facial expression of people and the things around him.

7. The first emojis created were 180 in number.

8. The earliest known mobile phone in Japan to include a set of emoji was released by J-Phone on November 1, 1997

9. In the past, businesses used emoji to connect with their customers. Before mobile phones were developed into the tech-savvy devices we see today, emoji was originally for different purposes. For example, The New York Times explains that Docomo, the company that developed emoji, used them to deliver weather reports to pager users.

While this explains many of the weather-related emoji, such as the lightning bolt, sun, umbrella, and snowman, Docomo also used the characters to guide users to local businesses. A hamburger represented fast food, while the martini glass stood for a bar.

Now, emojis are integrated and easily accessible in almost all messaging apps, and while different apps have distinct emoji styles, emoji can translate across platforms. That’s why an iPhone user is able to receive emoji from someone using an Android phone. And emojis are now used worldwide.


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